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Parks Stewardship Forum
The Interdisciplinary Journal of Place-based Conservation

Co-published by the UC Berkeley Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity and the George Wright Society.

Parks Stewardship Forum explores innovative thinking and offers enduring perspectives on critical issues of place-based heritage management and stewardship. Interdisciplinary in nature, the journal gathers insights from all fields related to parks, protected areas, cultural sites, and other place-based forms of conservation. The scope of the journal is international and dedicated to the legacy of George Meléndez Wright, a graduate of UC Berkeley and pioneer in conservation of national parks. Parks Stewardship Forum continues The George Wright Forum, published 1981–2018 by the George Wright Society.

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The Co-Publishers

The UC Berkeley Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity aims to bring an interdisciplinary approach to the research, management and protection of our national, state and local parks and public lands. Recognizing that parks and public lands play an increasingly important role in climate adaptation, public health, education, jobs, and environmental justice, the Institute serves as convener, research coordinator and bridge between field managers and the academic community. The Institute is devoted to the investigation, dissemination, and application of science to the critical issues facing national, state, and local parks, and equivalent protected areas. The Institute fosters cross-disciplinary research, applied science, policy, and field management, and also strives to help prepare the next generation of conservation leaders in academia and in the field.

The George Wright Society advances the scientific and heritage values of parks and protected areas. The Society promotes research and resource stewardship across cultural and natural disciplines; brings practitioners together to share their expertise; provides avenues of communication among scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, and the public about the importance of parks and protected areas, and supports informed conservation decisions and management actions that embrace these values. By uniting people from many different backgrounds around a common passion for protecting Earth’s natural and cultural heritage, GWS creates the collaboration needed to meet today’s greatest conservation challenges.

Editorial Board

Jonathan B. Jarvis, UC Berkeley Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity

Dr. Steven R. Beissinger, UC Berkeley

Professor Holly Doremus, UC Berkeley

Rolf Diamant, George Wright Society

Kalani Quiocho, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Affiliate)

Nadine Spence, Parks Canada

Editorial Staff

Dr. Rebecca Conard, Co-editor

Dorothy A. Davis, Photo Editor, “The Photographer’s Frame”

Gary E. Davis, Photo Editor, “The Photographer’s Frame”

Rolf Diamant, Columnist, “Letter from Woodstock”

David Harmon, Co-editor

Dr. Gary E. Machlis, Poetry Editor, “Verse in Place”

Dr. Nina S. Roberts, Columnist, “Coloring Outside the Lines”

Editorial and Administrative Office

George Wright Society
P.O. Box 65
Hancock, MI 49930-0065 USA

Open-Access Publishing | Other Info

Parks Stewardship Forum is published through eScholarship, an open-access publishing platform subsidized by the University of California and managed by the California Digital Library. Open-access publishing serves the missions of the Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity and the George Wright Society to share, freely and broadly, research and knowledge produced by and for those who manage parks, protected areas, and cultural sites throughout the world.

Parks Stewardship Forum is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0) that allows others to copy, distribute, translate, adapt, and build upon original submissions to Parks Stewardship Forum, as long as they provide appropriate credit to the author(s) and do not use the submission for commercial purposes. Anyone who uses or redistributes the submission under this license must indicate any changes that were made, must link to the license, and cannot imply that the author endorses them or their use. More information about this license is available at

From time to time Parks Stewardship Forum also reprints, with permission, previously published material. Such material is subject to its original copyright.

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