Science for Parks, Parks for Science

Please follow the links below to view the videos from specific sessions at the 2015 Science for Parks, Parks for Science summit:

Opening Ceremony 

  • Steve Beissinger, Professor of Conservation Biology, UC Berkeley
  • Sam Hodder, President and CEO, Save the Redwoods League
  • Chris Johns, Chief Content Officer, National Geographic Society
  • Caryl Hart, Director, Sonoma County Regional Parks
  • Jon Jarvis, Director, National Park Service

Mission of the National Park Service and its Relevancy Today - Keynote address

  • E.O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Mission of the National Park Service and its Relevancy Today, part II - speakers and panel

  • Jane Lubchenco, Professor of Zoology, Oregon State University: Seas the Day! (40 mins)
  • Hugh Possingham, Professor and Director of the ARC Center of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland: Expand or Represent? Restore or Protect? Manage or Expand? Conundrums in Protected Area Policy (25 mins)
  • Strategic Conversation moderated by Holly Doremus with the Honorable George Miller, retired, US House of Representatives; Denis P. Galvin, Retired Deputy Director, NPS; Rebecca Shaw, Associate Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund and Francis Roberts-Gregory, PhD Student, UC Berkeley (20 mins)

Stewardship of Parks in a Changing World

  • Ruth DeFries, Professor of Sustainable Development, Columbia University: Beyond Boundaries: Parks within Coupled Human-Natural Systems (25 mins)
  • Monica Turner, Chair of Ecology, University of Wisconsin: Climate Change and Novel Disturbance Regimes in National Park Landscapes (25 mins)
  • Daniel Simberloff, Professor of WIldlife Conservation, University of Montana: Biological Invasions in the National Parks and in Park Science (25 mins)
  • Joel Berger: The Metaphorical Snowox - Science and Conservation in Increasingly Populated Parks

Stewardship of Parks in a Changing World, part II

  • Jill Baron: Protecting National Parks from Air Pollution Effects (25 mins)
  • Strategic Conversation moderated by David Ackerly with Josh Donlan, Director of Advanced Conservation Strategies, Stephanie Carlson, UC Berkeley and Laurel Larsen, UC Berkeley

Albright Lecture in Conservation: America's Two Best Ideas- Public Education and Public Lands

  • Sally Jewell, U.S. Secretary of the Interior
  • Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California
  • Douglas Brinkley, Historian and Author
  • Nicholas B. Dirks,  Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley
  • Moderated by Michael Krasny, KQED Forum host

Engaging People in Parks

  • John Francis, VP for Science, National Geographic Society: The World is a Park (25 mins)
  • Thomas Dietz, Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University: Science, Values and Conflict in the National Parks (25 mins)
  • Edwin Bernbaum, Senior Fellow of The Mountain Institute: The Spiritual and Cultural Significance of Nature (25 mins)
  • Strategic Conversation on Engaging People in Parks moderated by Jennifer Wolch, Dean of the School of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley with Nina Roberts, Professor, San Francisco State University; Cyril Kormos, VP for Policy, The Wild Foundation; Justin Brashares, Professor of WIldlife Ecology, UC Berkeley; Christine Lehnertz, Western Regional Director, NPS

Future of Science for Parks and Parks for Science

  • Jamais Cascio, Institute for the Future: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! (25 mins)
  • Gary Machlis, Science Advisor to the NPS: The Future of Science in the National Parks (25 mins)
  • Steve Beissinger, Professor of Conservation Biology, UC Berkeley: 1915, 2015, 2115: The Fall and Rise of Science in Parks (25 mins)