Education and Professional Training

Selected results. Institute established October 24, 2017.

Teaching climate change and biodiversity science and solutions - Patrick Gonzalez teaches a UC Berkeley course, Anthropogenic Climate Change and Natural Resource Management, that teaches undergraduate and graduate students the science of anthropogenic climate change, applications to natural resource management and biodiversity conservation, and carbon solutions. The course covers essential aspects of climate change science, including physical science, observed impacts, future risks, and ecosystem carbon, and applications to carbon solutions, adaptation, and policy..

The course draws directly from scientific research, particularly from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. To help learn by experience, students conduct a climate change assessment for a specific national park or other protected area of their choice that will help the park implement effective conservation measures under climate change and carbon solutions. (pdf file)

Publication for continued learning by conservation professionals - The Institute and the George Wright Society co-publish Parks Stewardship Forum on the University of California eScholarship platform. Parks Stewardship Forum is an open-access publication with peer-reviewed research and non-peer reviewed contributions on protected areas management and conservation of natural and cultural resources. (web page)

Park management training - Jon Jarvis has organized and led training programs on park management for national agencies in Asia, covering park planning, resource management, regulations, and finances. (web page)

Graduate student seminar - In 2018, Steve Beissinger organized and led a graduate student seminar to develop research ideas for the Institute. (web page)

Federal agency training - In 2023, Jon Jarvis and Patrick Gonzalez contributed to the U.S. Federal Interagency Wilderness Stewardship Course. (web page)

Workshop on Indigenous co-stewardship of public lands - The Institute is planning a workshop for Fall 2023 to bring together Indigenous resource managers and government agencies. The workshop will aim to improve the understanding of agencies to more fully integrate into protected areas management the rich knowledge and practice of Indigenous resource management. This is an activity of the California Biodiversity Network, in collaboration with the East Bay Regional Park District, funded in part by the Moore Foundation.