Workshop for National Park System Management in China, September 2019

The Paulson Institute, which conducts a range of work in China, contracted the Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity to assist the Chinese government on organization of a national park system. The Institute organized a workshop in the U.S. in September 2019 on national park system management for Chinese government staff working to establish a complete national park system. They have started with 10 pilot national parks, a new national parks bureau, and funding to test the pilot parks. The Paulson Institute contracted the Institute to (1) evaluate the Sanjiangyuan National Park pilot, (2) design a sustainable financial and budget model for their entire national park system, and (3) train senior leaders in national parks management, with a focus on conservation and stewardship.

September 4, 2019

File Introduction to Training Program & History of the US National Parks; Presenters: Jon Jarvis, Executive Director and David Ackerly, Dean. Description: Former NPS Director Jon Jarvis provides a broad overview of the structure of the US National Park Service, as well as its over 100-year history.

File Overview of the US National Parks (Cont'd) ; Presenter: Jon Jarvis, Executive Director. Description: Former NPS Director Jon Jarvis provides a broad overview of the structure of the US National Park Service, as well as its over 100-year history. File                                                                                        

September 5, 2019

File Legal Framework for National Parks;  Presenter: John Leshy, Former Senior Solicitor, Department of the Interior.  Description: John Leshy discusses the role of laws and regulations in the US National Park Service, including the relationships between the NPS and the United States government and court systems.      

File Policy Framework for National Parks; Presenter: Jon Jarvis, Executive Director. Description: Jon Jarvis discusses various management policies of the US National Park Service, including policies regarding visitation, biological resources, transportation, and more.

File Regulations for National Parks; Presenter: Julie Byerly, Chief Ranger, Point Reyes National Seashore. Description: Julie Byerly provides background on visitor and resource protection in the US National Park Service, as well as her pioneering work on women in law enforcement. 

File Application of Law, Policy, and Regulations at the Park Level; Presenter: Tom Leatherman, National Park Service Superintendent. Description: Tom Leatherman shares his experiences as a park superintendent, with an emphasis on developing community relationships and leveraging the NPS role.

September 6, 2019

File Natural Resources; Presenter: Steve Beissinger, UC Professor.  Description: Steve Beissinger provides first-hand experience regarding the roles of research, long-term monitoring, and science in the parks, with a focus on the Grinnell survey work he has led. He also discusses the importance of maintaining active relationships with research universities to address conservation issues.

PDF icon  Research and Science in the National Parks; Presenter: Gary Machlis, Clemson University Professor. Description: Gary Machlis served as science advisor to Jon Jarvis when he was the director of the US National Park Service, and presents on useable knowledge and the CESU system he established, as well as the role of social science research on visitors and local communities.

PDF icon Cultural Resource Preservation; Presenter: Stephanie Toothman, Former NPS Associate Director for Cultural Resources. Description: Stephanie Toothman discusses the importance of preservation, tradition, language, legend, landscapes, and more with regard to cultural and natural resources in the US National Park Service.  Readings and Handouts (English only): File Cultural Resource Management in the National Park Service Laws, Management Policies and Guidelines  & File The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

File  Indigenous/Native/Local Culture; Presenter: Val Lopez, Chairman of Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Description: Val Lopez provides a brief history of the relationship between Native Americans and the US National Park Service, focusing on the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. He emphasizes the mistakes the US made in removing Native Americans from their lands, and speaks about the ongoing relationship of native people working for stewardship of the land through their long traditions and values.  Readings and Handouts (English only):  PDF icon Amah Mutsun Tribal Band Info Sheet

September 9, 2019

File Advocacy Organizations: Ron Sundergill, Regional Director, NPCA. Description: Ron Sundergill discusses NGOs and advocacy organizations, focusing on the historical relationship between the National Parks Conservation Association and the US National Park Service. 

File Non-Appropriated Funds (Fees, Franchise) Business Plans; Presenter: Anne Altman, Financial Officer, NPS. Description: Anne Altman explains how the US National Park Service manages necessary and appropriate concession operations in the parks. She also discusses the Business Plan program and internships in the parks. 

File Friends Organizations/Philanthropy; Presenter:  Frank Dean, President and CEO, Yosemite Conservancy. Description: Frank Dean discusses the relationship between the US National Park Service and private philanthropy, focusing on the example of the Yosemite Conservancy.

File Overview of the NPS Budget Process; Presenter: Cynthia Ip, Former Comptroller NPS Pacific Region. Description: Cynthia Lau Ip provides an overview of the US National Park Service budget and finance process. She explains the categories of funding, the controls and auditing that are required, the annual process of appropriations, and more.

September 10, 2019

File Canada's National Park System File ; Presenter: Mike Wong, Former Parks Canada (now IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas). Description: Mike Wong provides a brief overview of the history and function of Parks Canada, including its overall legal framework and funding. Handouts & Readings (English Only): PDF icon 2019-2020 Departmental Plan, PDF icon National Park System PlanPDF icon Guidelines for Ecological Integrity Monitoring,PDF icon  Prince Albert Management Plan 2018,  and PDF icon Prince Edward Island Management Plan.  

File Mexico's National Park System; Presenter: Mariana Bellot, Regional Advisor for the Biodiversity Finance Initiative BIOFIN-UNDP (Mexico). Description: Mariana Bellot provides a brief overview of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas, or 'CONANP'). She also discusses her current role as Regional Advisor for the Biodiversity Finance Initiative BIOFIN-UNDP (Mexico). Readings & Handouts (English Only) :PDF icon Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Cabo Pulmo National ParkPDF icon Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Cozumel Reefs National Park and Cozumel Island Flora and Fauna Protection Area , and PDF icon Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Iztaccíhuatl–popocatépetl National Park 

File IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas; Presenter: Mike Wong, Former Parks Canada (now IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas). Description: Mike Wong discusses the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Commission on Protected Areas, as well as good stewardship of parks and protected areas. Handouts & Readings (English Only) : PDF icon Adapting to Climate Change, PDF icon Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas, and PDF icon Guidelines for Applying Protected Area Management Categories

File National Park Management Plans; Presenter: Keith Dunbar, Former Chief of Planning, Pacific West Region, NPS. Description: Keith Dunbar discusses the important role of park planning, including legislative directions, foundational elements, and challenges involved in park planning.

September 11, 2019

PDF icon Climate Change in National Parks; Presenter: Patrick Gonzalez, NPS Principal Climate Change Scientist and UC Berkeley Professor. Description: Patrick Gonzalez discusses how the US National Park Service approaches climate change, as well as the IPCC report and its relevance to parks and protected areas. Readings & Handouts (English Only): PDF icon Climate Change Trends, Impacts, and Vulnerabilities in US National Parks and PDF icon Disproportionate Magnitude of Climate Change in U.S. National Parks

PDF icon Crowding, Visitor Impacts, and Ranger Operations Pt. 1  PDF icon Part. 2PDF icon  Presenter: Steve Shackleton, Former Associate Director for Visitor Protection, National Park Service (Now at the University of California, Merced). Description: Steve Shackleton discusses the role of the ranger in park stewardship, as well as the Gallo Management Program at UC Merced. Addtional Resource (English Only): PDF icon Gallo Management Program, Executive Seminar

File Management of Exotic Species; Presenter: Neil Tsutsui, Professor of Entomology, UC Berkeley. Description: Neil Tsutsui, a practicing scientist working with the parks, discusses the complexities of conservation stewardship, including how to build baseline inventories and help managers understand the resources they must steward. 

File  Air and Water Pollution; Presenter:  Carol McCoy, JD, Chief of the NPS Air Resources Division.  Description: Carol McCoy demonstrates the role Clean Air laws in the US national parks have played in improving air quality in the US and in the parks themselves. She also gives a brief overview on water quality in the parks as well.